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The demos, attacked by the oligarchs, seizes the Acropolis and other high points, as well as the Hyllaic harbour. Their opponents take possession of the agora and the adjacent harbour.

ἐλθόντων: sc. τῶν πρέσβεων. For gen. abs. without expressed subj., when this can be easily supplied from the context, see on i. 2. 8. GMT. 848; H. 972 a.—2.

ὅσους ἔπεισαν: sc. of the ἐκεῖ καταπεφευγότες.—κατέθεντο: see on c. 28. 14.

οἱ ἔχοντες τὰ πράγματα: see on c. 11. 11; 28. 1.—4.

ἐλθούσης: placed first in agreement with the nearest noun, but belonging also to πρέσβεων. See on c. 70. 7.—5.

ἐπιτίθενται τῷ δήμῳ: the oligarchs thought they could not carry out their further plans without a second and greater butchery.

φικομένης νυκτός: Kr. conjectures ἐφικομένης, acc. to analogy of ἐπιέναι, ἐφήκειν (iv. 129. 28; viii. 67. 7; 94. 4). But ἀφικνεῖσθαι can be used with νύξ, as with νόσος ii. 48. 9, and with ἀγγελία v. 64. 1; viii. 15. 1. ἐφικνεῖσθαι is not found in Thuc. The approach of night is usually expressed by ἐπιγίγνεσθαι (c. 112. 3; iv. 25. 9; 48. 16; 125. 6).—

ἐς τὴν ἀκρόπολιν: regarding the site, see B. Schmidt, p. 27 f.—7.

τὰ μετέωρα: the higher points. Cf. c. 89. 11; iv. 44. 11; 57. 9; 112. 8; 124. 19.— 8.

ἱδρύθη: of a temporary occupation also iv. 44. 11; 131. 2.—

τὸν Ὑλλαϊκὸν λιμένα: Leake (in Bloomfield's ed.), after careful investigation, concludes the Hyllaic harbour to be the now shallow bay which extends inward west of the southward projecting promontory on which the acropolis lay (now called the bay of Chalikiopulos). The harbour ‘by the agora and toward the mainland’ (l. 10), where the νεώριον was (c. 74. 6), Leake considers to be the modern bay of Kastrades at the northern end of the peninsula. See also J. Partsch, die Insel Korfu, p. 65, and B. Schmidt, p. 22 ff.—

εἶχον: easy transition to the plural. Cf. i. 13 6; 34. 5. Kühn. 359, 2.—9.

οὗπερ: where, i.e. adjacent to which. See on c. 75. 19.

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