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δέκα ἑτέρας. In c. 17, § 1, Chalcideus mans his own five ships and twenty others with Chians. A different fleet of ten is now manned.

Ἄναια on the mainland opposite (and in a way commanding) Samos. Cf. iv. 75, ὥσπερ τὰ Ἄναια ἐπὶ τῇ Σαμῳ.

καὶ ὅτι Ἀμόργης κ.τ.λ. καὶ should not be omitted. The chief reason for their withdrawal is no doubt ‘because Amorges is coming’; but ‘the message told them to sail back, and said that Amorges etc.’ is no unnatural way of expressing this. moreover, this may not have been the only reason.

ὅτι is more common in the sense ‘that’ than in the sense ‘because,’ and especially with ἀγγέλλειν.

Ἀμόργης v. c. 5, § 5. As the enemy of the king and Tissaphernes, he was the enemy of the Lacedaemonians in terms of the treaty, c. 18, § 3.

Διὸς ἱερόν between Lebedos and Colophon according to Steph. Byz.

ἐς τὴν γῆν φθασάντων. Cf.Xen. Cyr. v. 4, 9, φθάσαντες είς πόλιν τινά. The ellipsis becomes common in Hellenistic Greek.

πεζὸς, i.e. of the Clazomenians and Erythraeans, c. 16, § 1.

μετ᾽ αὐτῶν Const. ‘the Chians (who had set sail with the remaining ships), assisted by the land forces, caused L. to revolt.’ This is much more natural and simple than to suppose a zeugma, with e.g. ἀπάρας or ὁρμηθεὶς to be supplied with πεζὸς from ἀναγαγόμενοι.

Λέβεδον one of the oldest and most flourishing Ionian cities; cf. Hdt. i. 142. Its subsequent desertion (Hor. Ep. i. 11, 7) was due to its destruction by Lysimachus (Paus. vii. 3, 2). Αἰπάς, πολίχνιον Τηίων (Strabo, p. 644).

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