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τριηράρχους, commanders of single ships.

στρατηγοὺς single or joint commanders of contingents.

τῶν πόλεων the various states allied with Sparta.

ἐδίδασκεν ὥστε . . . πεῖσαι, ὤστε Vat. omits the second ὥστε. Apart from the cacophony, there is no objection to either ὤστε. As regards nsage ὥστε is often joined to πείθειν, but apparently not elsewhere to διδάσκειν. There is possible, however, an obvious distinction; ἐδίδασκεν ὥστε (πεῖσαι), ‘he tutored him till (a certain result followed),’ ἐδίδασκε (πεῖσαι), ‘he recommended him to (adopt a certain course).’ The context shows that he succeeded in bribing all but the Syracusan commanders. Literally rendered the passage amounts to ‘and in regard to the trierarchs and generals of the various states Alcibiades tutored him till he worked upon them by bribery, till they gave in to him, etc.’ Of the two occurrences of ὥστε the former is perhaps the more awkward.

ταῦτα viz. the reduction of the rate of payment.

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