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ὁρμᾶτο, Stein's reading here; ὅρμητο (bis), c. 1 supra. The one is to be regarded as an imperfect, the other as a pluperfect form; though it is not obvious why Hdt. timed the word here and in the places above differently. The variation, however, may be made to give a neat difference.

τῷ ὑστέρῳ ἔτει<*>, after the revolt of Egypt and the designation of Xerxes as successor. As these events are not synchronous the ἔτος may be the official or calendarial year, presumably by Persian reckoning; though ἐνιαυτός might, perhaps, be the more technical term therefor.

συνήνεικε=συνέβη, without any suggestion of foul play.

τὰ πάντα, ‘in all,’ perhaps to inark the fact that the Interregnum, or Usurpation of the Magos, is ignored. Ktesias gives Dareios only thirty-one years (“with his usual incorrectness,” Rawlinson) and makes his age seventytwo; Blakesley calculates Dareios' age as sixty-four on the Herodotean data. Stein tries to reconcile the figures thirtysix and thirty-one by remarking that Dareios was only established as king in 516 B C But (a) this date is too late (cp. Bks. IV.-VI., vol. ii. p. 37 n.2); (b) neither Dareios nor the Persīian records would have recognized any date for the establishment of Dareios but his ‘accession.’

οὐδέ οἱ ἐξεγένετο. Cp. c. 8 infra, 5. 51. The absence of all reference to the vow (5. 105) is here remarkable: was Hdt. acquainted with that anecdote when he first wrote this passage? The doubt fortifies the argument for the prior composition of Bks. 7-9. Cp. Introd. § 8.

τιμωρήσασθαι, with acc. of person, ‘to avenge one's self upon.’ Cp. 3. 53, 6. 138.

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