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Worcester 1956.83


Lent by the Worcester Art Museum; Austin S. and Sarah C. Garver Funds (1956.83)

Height: 24 1/2 in. (62.2 cm.)

Missing small piece of lip on reverse; abrasions on glaze on reverse. Under foot, graffito.

Side A: Leto mounting a four-horse chariot. She is attended by her children, Apollo playing a kithara, and Artemis holding a flower. Hermes stands at the heads of the horses.

Side B: Dionysos with satyrs and maenads. The god, holding a drinking horn, stands between two maenads, dressed in chitons and playing castanets (krotala), and two ithyphallic satyrs. Sprays of ivy provide a festive background.

The figured panels are framed by a lotus-palmette chain above, alternately upright and hanging palmettes below. On the handles are ivy leaves, and below each handle is a small hanging palmette. At the base are rays.

Red, side A: the manes of the horses, two of their tails, their harnesses, parts of the chariot, edges of the garments. Side B: the beards of the men, tails of the satyrs, and the wreath of the god.

White: the chitons of Dionysos and Hermes, the flesh of the women, and parts of the kithara.

Attributed to the Rycroft Painter [Beazley] ca. 515 - 500 B.C.

Beazley has attributed thirty-three vases to the hand of the Rycroft Painter, who was named for an amphora formerly in the Rycroft Collection (now in the Ashmolean [Oxford 1965.118]; ABV, 335, no. 1). This vase also shows Leto mounting a chariot. M. H. Swindler in her publication of this amphora describes the style as characterized by very careful drawing and by a fine understanding of the anatomy of the horse, which is rendered almost without inner detail. She compares the reverse with the work of Psiax (Hartford 1961.8) and places the amphora somewhere between 515 and 500 B. C., a late work of the Rycroft Painter.


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