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Mount Holyoke 1925.BS.II.3


Lent by Mount Holyoke College Art Museum (1925 BS II.3)

Height: 6 13/16 in. (17.2 cm.); Diameter: 8 11/16 in. (22 cm.)

Broken and repaired.

Side A: Herakles regaled by Athena. Herakles, in a lion skin with his club between his knees and his quiver at his waist, sits on a stone seat. One hand is raised in greeting, one extended with a phiale. Athena, in chiton, himation, and Attic helmet, approaches from the right and extends her oinochoe to fill his cup. At the left is Hermes playing flutes. Behind Herakles is a dwarfed tree with branches extending in the background.

Side B: the same, except the tree trunk is not visible.

Under the handles, bearded goats; around the lip, a double row of dots between bands; below, red and black alternating tongues between lines.

Red: the brim of Hermes' pilos, his beard, belt, and shoes; the edge of Herakles' lion skin, his belt; Athena's hair; ornaments on the drapery; the wine; the fillet at the base.

White: Athena's flesh, helmet crest; Hermes' hat and chiton; dots on the edges of Herakles' cup, the meander on his rock seat; the fruits of the tree; the goat's horn, his belly, and mouth.

Attributed to the Theseus Painter [Vanderpool] ca. 500 B. C.

The Theseus Painter, so named because he often chose the deeds of Theseus for his subject, was above all a painter of skyphoi, most of which can be dated by their style as ca. 500 B. C. (Haspels 1936, 163). Four others are known showing Herakles regaled by Athena (ABV, 519). The subject is probably Herakles resting after one of his twelve labors. Athena, his patron, brings him wine or nectar to refresh him. Many vases are known showing Herakles with Athena and Hermes, but Athena serving the hero wine does not appear until the beginning of the fifth century (Beazley 1961, 56).


Mount Holyoke College, Nancy Everett Dwight Foundation Catalogue ill.; E. Vanderpool, "The Rectangular Rock-cut Shaft," Hesperia 15 (1946) 289-290; ABV, 519 (with no. 18).

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