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Mount Holyoke 1967.BS.II.11

RED-FIGURE KYLIX (TYPE B, decorated inside only)

Lent by the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum (1967 BS II.11)

Height: 3 5/8 in. (9.2 cm.); Diameter: 9 7/8 in. (25 cm.)

Broken and repaired.

Inside: a woman, playing castanets (krotala) and dancing, runs to the right, her head turned to the left over her shoulder. She wears a peplos, bracelets, and a fillet in her hair. Around the tondo near the border is inscribed ΚΑΛΟΣ ΚΑΛΟΣ (beautiful, beautiful). A reserved line forms the tondo.

Red: the inscription, bracelets, and fillet.

Attributed to Oltos [Beazley] ca. 525 - 500 B. C.

Oltos, whose name is known from his signature as painter on two kylikes, was a contemporary of the Andokides Painter, the inventor of the red-figure technique (see Boston 01.8037). On this vase, the new technique is seen in its early stages. The use of added color is reduced, resulting in a more sober color scheme. The figure is outlined with relief lines and occasionally with a contour stripe. Inner details are painted with firm black relief lines. The figure is thus spotlighted against the black background. This kylix belongs with the early to middle work of Oltos (see Bruhn 1943).


Hesperia Art Bulletin 39 (1967) no. A 13; E. Finkenstaedt, "A Red-Figure Kylix by Oltos at Mount Holyoke College," AJA 72 (1968) 383, pl. 129; Para., 328, no. 127 ter.

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