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Boston 1970.233


Lent by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; gift of Landon T. Clay (1970.233)

Height: 3 1/16 in. (7.8 cm.); Diameter: 8 5/16 in. (21.2 cm.)

Broken and repaired; missing pieces restored and painted.

Interior: lovemaking. At the left is part of a couch (kline) with a striped pillow on it; at the right, a foot stool on which the girl's chiton is folded; suspended above, an aryballos. Inscribed above, παις καλε (the girl is beautiful); across the girl's waist ἡχε ἡσι[χ]ος (hold still). The tondo is framed by pairs of facing meanders alternating with cross-squares.

Dilute glaze: ornament on post, anatomical details of man.

Red: inscription.

Attributed to Douris [Beazley] ca. 480 - 470 B. C.

The inscription on this vase, ἡχε ἡσι[χ]ος, provides the earliest evidence for the expression, "hold still," in the Greek language (ARV2, 444, no. 241). Conversational inscriptions, although rare, are known on other vases, e. g. the cup in Richmond (Virginia) attributed to the manner of Douris (ARV2, 450, no. 24) where a man says ἀποδος (go away) to a boy (Münzen, 40 [Basel December 13, 1969] 56) and a cup in Boston (Boston 65.873; E. Vermeule, "A Love Scene by the Panaitios Painter," AJA 71 [1967] 311 ff) where the man says ἐασον (let me) and the boy says οὐ παυσει (won't you stop). D. G. Mitten refers for the scheme to a cup by the Briseis Painter in Tarquinia (ARV2, 408, no. 36).


ARV2, 444, no. 241; Münzen, 40 (Basel December 13, 1969) 56, no. 93.

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