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Harvard 1925.30.130


Lent by the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; bequest of J. C. Hoppin (1925.30.130)

Height: 4 7/16 in. (11.3 cm.); Diameter: 10 13/16 in. (27.4 cm.)

Broken and repaired; missing pieces restored and painted. From Capua.

Interior: a satyr tries to seize a maenad who looks back at him as she walks off to the left. She carries a thyrsos; her right foot projects into the border. Leftward meander border.

Side A: return of a victor. In the center Iris, with wings outspread, holds a caduceus and looks to her left toward an approaching warrior. The warrior, in Thracian helmet and carrying a shield (device: open eye), bends forward to place a laurel branch at her feet, a gift of thanks. Iris seems to be presenting the warrior to the bearded man at the left who is sitting on a diphros and holding a scepter. Perhaps he is Zeus, in which case the scene might depict the thank offering to Zeus after the Persian war (Beazley, Review CVA USA 1 by Hoppin, JHS 47 [1927] 148). Behind Zeus is a peg for the helmet.

Side B: departure of a warrior. In the center is a nude bearded warrior carrying a shield with its shield apron (decorated with an open eye) and a staff. At the right, Iris carrying a caduceus. At the left, a bearded man wrapped in a mantle, perhaps the warrior's father sunk in grief. Under the handles, single palmettes with tendrils and leaves.

Dilute glaze: anatomical details, ends of the hair, leaves of the thyrsos, feathers of Iris' wings.

Attributed to the Penthesilea Painter [Hoppin] ca. 470 - 460 B. C.

The sketchy but lively characterization of the figures on this cup reflects the naturalistic trend in vase painting of which the Penthesilea Painter was the chief exponent. The painter is named for a kylix in Munich (Munich 2688; ARV2, 879, no. 1) which shows Achilles falling in love with the Amazon queen, Penthesilea, as he kills her. The winged goddess is probably Iris since she is carrying a caduceus, her usual attribute (D. von Bothmer).


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