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Bowdoin 1895.2


Lent by the Bowdoin College Museum of Art; gift of Harriet and Sophia Walker (1895.2)

Height: 14 7/8 in. (37.7 cm.)

Said to be from Thebes.

Side A: horseman arriving home. At the left is a mounted youth wearing a chlamys, petasos slung over his shoulder, and a wreath in his hair. He holds two spears in his right hand. In the center is a woman wearing chiton and diadem, holding an oinochoe and a phiale with which to make a libation. On the right is a Doric column. A bearded man sits on a chair (klismos) to the left of the column. He wears a himation around his waist and holds a staff. At the far right is a youth in a himation, hand raised in greeting.

Side B: youth leaving home. In the center stands a youth dressed in chlamys and petasos and carrying a spear. On the left is a bearded man (perhaps his father) wrapped in a himation and leaning on a staff. On the right is a woman (possibly the mother or wife) in chiton, himation, and sakkos and holding a phiale for the libation.

Under the handles are palmettes, volutes, and buds. Circling the vase at the base of the scene are triple rightward meanders alternating with saltires. On the neck, diagonally placed palmettes with tendrils.

White, on side A: fruits of horseman's wreath, ornaments of the horse's bridle, spikes of the woman's diadem. Side B: spikes of the woman's diadem.

Attributed to the Dinos Painter [Beazley] ca. 430 - 420 B. C.

The Dinos Painter carries the tradition of Polygnotos into the late fifth century. The forms are rounder and fleshier and show a new restlessness when compared with the earlier school (cf. Mount Holyoke 1929.BS.II.4).


ARV2, 1155, no. 41; Herbert 1964, 73-74, no. 202, pl. 26; Para., 457, no. 41.

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