Harvard 1960.347


Lent by the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; gift of D. M. Robinson (1960.347)

Height: 14 in. (35.5 cm.)

Broken and repaired; missing pieces restored and painted.

Said to be from Nola.

Dionysos sits in the center looking to the right and holding a thyrsos. To the left is a satyr also carrying a thyrsos. Between the two is an ivy branch. In the upper left is a seated woman dressed in chiton and himation. An Eros flies towards her with a necklace of beads. At the right of Dionysos a woman in chiton approaches; she pets Dionysos' panther. In the upper right is a seated youth, probably Hermes since he holds a caduceus, or perhaps Oinopion, the human charged with the introduction of wine into Greece (ARV2, 1341, no. 2). An Eros walks towards him. At the far right is a seated woman, head turned back toward the center. At her left is a lotus bud with volutes. A band of triple leftward meanders alternating with checkerboard squares circles the vase at the base of the scene. Under the lateral handles, upright palmettes; on the back, palmettes, lotus buds, tendrils, and ferns; at the neck, egg pattern; on the lip, eggs and dots; at the base of the three handles, eggs and dots.

White: fillets in the hair of Dionysos, the two youths, one Eros, the panther, string of beads, diadems in the hair of the two seated women.

Yellow is used for details on the panther and the Eros.

Assigned to the Class of Brussels A 3099 [Beazley] ca. 410 - 400 B. C.

This hydria is close to a hydria in Brussels (Brussels A 3099; ARV2, 1341, no. 1). "The two vases are connected by shape and patterns; and the elaborate floral designs at the back may be by the same hand. The figure-work has the same general character in both but cannot be said to be by one hand." (ARV2, 1341) The distribution of the figures on different levels and the more profuse use of white are characteristic of the period. If the youth in the upper right is Oinopion, the subject of the vase may be a quasi-mystic allusion to the introduction of wine into Greece (see Metzger 1951, 24).


Rudolf Lepcke, Auktion 2035 (Berlin November 12, 1930) Sammlung A. Loebbecke (Braunschweig) pl. 2, no. 456; D. M. Robinson, "Some Unpublished Attic Vases," AJA 38 (1934) 188 passim; CVA, USA 7, p. 22, pl. 13; Robinson Exhibition 1961, no. 107; ARV2, 1341, no. 2.

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