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quamquam, and yet: § 527, d, N. (313, f); B. 309, 5; G. 605, R.2; H. 586, 4 (515, iii, N.2); H.-B. 310, 7. cf. the same use of quamquam, p. 108, l. 13, and of tametsi, p. 108, l. 16.

invitem: § 444 (268); B. 277; G. 265; H. 557(486, ii); H.-B. 503.

sciam: characteristic subj.

Forum Aurelium: a small place on the Via Aurelia, about fifty miles from Rome. The Via Aurelia was the road which led along the sea-coast of Etruria, by which Catiline left the city the following night.

praestolarentur: rel. clause of purpose.

aquilam: the silver eagle had been adopted by Marius as the standard of the legion, and the eagle in question was said to have been actually used in the army of Marius.

sacrarium: it was customary in Roman houses to have a little shrine (see Fig. 27) for the worship of the lares and other protecting divinities. Doubtless Catiline was believed to have placed this eagle in such a shrine as an object of superstitious worship.

ut possis: exclam. clause with ut (see note on p. 108, l. 13).

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