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prae, in comparison with.

Gallicanis, i.e. those permanently stationed in Cisalpine Gaul. The ager Gallicus below was that strip of sea-coast north of Picenum formerly occupied by the Senones, but at this time reckoned a part of Umbria.

hoc dilecta refers to a levy recently raised.

Q. Metellus (Celer): see note on Cat. 1, sect. 19, p. 107, l. 13.

senibus, etc., i.e. those classes who naturally look forward to a revolution to mend their fortunes.

luxuria = high-livers: abstract for concrete, as common in Latin and older English; Cf. Shakespeare, All's Well ii. I, 91: "Bring in the admiration"(i.e. this wonderful person).

vadimonia deserere, desert their bondsmen, i.e. leave them in the lurch in their creditors' suits.

edictum praetoris, in effect like a sheriff's writ. Any official order of a magistrate was an edictum.

hos, as opposed to those he did take out.

fulgent purpura, i.e displaying their rank as Senators, who alone had the right to wear the broad purple stripe (latus clavus) on the tunic. The reference, therefore, is to foppish young nobles.

mallem: § 447, I (311, b); B. 280, 4; G. 258, and N.1; H. 556 (486, i); H.-B. 519, I, b.

eduxisset: § 565(331, f a.); B. 295, 8; G. 546, R.2; H. 565, 2 (499, 2); H.-B. 5;9, I, c.

si . . . permanent: a future condition; § 516, a, N. (307, a, N.); G. 228; H. 533, 2 (467, 5); H.-B. 571.

mementote, i.e. let them remember that they are objects of suspicion and shall be watched accordingly.

atque hoc, etc., i.e. their effrontery makes them still more a cause for alarm.

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