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illoram, i.e. the haruspices.

ladi: festivals in which races and theatrical performances were celebrated in honor of the gods ; such festivals were especially appointed to appease the deities in times of danger and distress; Cf. Verres, 1, sect. 31.

idem (plur.), they also.

contra atqae, opposite to what: § 324, c (156, a); B. 341, I, c; G. 643; H. 516, 3 (459, 2); H.-B. 307, 2, a.

solis . conspiceret: the Forum and the Senate house (curia) were east of the south end of the Capitoline Hill, on which stood the Capitolium, or temple of Jupiter Capitolinus (see Plan of Forum).

inlustrarentur: the word is chosen with reference to the omen of Jupiter looking toward the rising sun.

conlocandam . . . locaverant: locare with the gerundive is the regular expression for giving out a contract; § 500, 4 (294, d); B. 337, 7, b, 2; G. 430; H. 622 (544, N.2); H-B. 612, iii.

illi, i.e. of year before last.

consulibas and nobis: abl. abs. expressing the date.

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