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the modern Acquataccio, a stream that rises between the via Latina and the via Appia, receives the water of the modern Fosso del- I'Acqua Santa (some of which is nowadays derived by a crosscut from the Marrana Mariana: see AQUA IULIA), flows north-west and west for six kilometres and empties into the Tiber about one kilometre south of the porta Ostiensis. It formed the southern boundary of Region I, and in it the ceremony of bathing the image of Cybele took place annually on 27th March (Cic. de nat. deor. iii. 52; Ov. Met. xiv. 329; Fast. iv. 337-340; Lucan i. 600; Mart. iii. 47. 2; Stat. Silv. v. I. 222; Sil. Ital. viii. 363; Amm. Marcell. xxiii. 3. 7; Vib. Sequest. 146, Riese; Prudent. Peristeph. x. 160; Claudian de bell. Gild. 120; Gregor. Magn. reg. xiv. 14; RE i. 1589; T. ix. 32, 33, 40).

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