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an enclosed area in the depression (inter duos lucos) between the two summits of the Capitoline (see MONS CAPITOLINUS). The name was explained by the story that Romulus welcomed here the refugees from surrounding communities (Verg. Aen. ii. 761, and Serv. viii. 342; Liv. i. 8; Dionys. ii. 15; Strabo v. 230; Tac. Hist. iii. 71; Plut. Rom. 9; Cass. Dio xlvii. 19: Vell. i. 8; Flor. i. 1; Schol. Iuv. viii. 273; de vir. ill. 2. I). Asylum and INTER DUOS LUCOS(q.v.) were sometimes synonymous terms (Jord. i. 2. 117).

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