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* the library established by Augustus in the temple of APOLLO (q.v.), perhaps opening out of the porticus or forming a part of it. It was also called the bibliotheca Palatina (Suet. de gramm. 20), and was large enough for meetings of the senate. There were two divisions of the library, one for Greek and one for Latin books, and medallion portraits of famous authors were fastened on the walls (Ov. Trist. iii. 1. 63; Hor. Epist. i. 3. 17 and Scholia; Suet. Aug. 29; Plin. NH vii. 210; xxxiv. 43; Tac. Ann. ii. 37, 83; Schol. Iuv. i. 128; Fronto, Ep. iv. 5; Cass. Dio liii. 1; Serv. ad Ecl. iv. 10; CIL vi. 5188-91; Ihm, Centralblatt f. Bibliotheksw. 1893, 516; Hirschfeld, Verwaltungs- gesch. i. 186; RE iii. 418; JRS 1914, 201-204; Boyd 5-8, 32-33). For the history of the building, see AEDES APOLLINIS and DOMUS AUGUSTIANA (p. 161).

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