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(Capreae, Ov. Fast. ii. 491): the pool or swamp in the campus Martius where Romulus is said to have been snatched from the sight of the Romans and carried up to heaven (Liv. i. 16. I; Flor. i. I; Solin. i. 20; et al.). It is called Αἰγὸς ἕλος by Greek writers (Plut. Rom. 27; Numa 2; Camil. 33; Zonar. vii. 4), and probably extended from the lowest part of the campus Martius, the site of the Pantheon, towards the Tiber, although its actual limits cannot now be determined (HJ 473-4), and it should perhaps be placed nearer the AEDICULA CAPRARIA and VICUS CAPRARIUS (Eranos, 1923, 120-122). De Rossi's attempt (BC 1883, 254-258) to place it near the via Nomentana is certainly mistaken (PBS iii. 44).

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