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the northern spur of the Esquiline, separated from the Oppius on the south by the valley of the Subura, and from the Viminal on the north by the corresponding depression through which ran the vicus Patricius (Varro, LL v. 50; Gell. xv. 1. 2; Mon. L. xv. 784-5). The beginning of the Cispius, the point where it projected south-westward from the plateau of the Esquiline is now marked by S. Maria Maggiore, where the altitude is about 54 metres. The Cispius, the Oppius, and the Fagutal were the three parts of the Esquiline, and constituted three of the montes of the SEPTIMONTIUM (q.v.) (Fest. 341, 348). According to Varro (ap. Fest. 348) Cispius was a native of Anagni who came to Rome in the reign of Tullus and guarded this hill (Jord. i. 1. 183-188; DE ii. 2161-2162).

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