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the street that formed the only immediate connection between the forum and the campus Martius before the imperial fora were built. It left the forum between the curia and the carcer, and ran along the slope of the Capitoline hill, corresponding closely with the modern Via di Marforio. Clivus Argentarius is found only in mediaeval documents (Ordo Benedicti, p. 143 ;1 Mirab. 24), but the name was probably in use under the empire and derived from the shops of the argentarii (see BASILICA ARGENTARIA). In the time of the republic it seems to have been called LAUTUMIAE (q.v.; Jord. i. 2. 438; ii. 445, 634, 666).

1 Mabillon; =Fabre-Duchesne, Liber Censuum, ii. 154, ยง 50.

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