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the earliest name of a street that led up the Carinae to the top of the Oppius, crossing the vicus Cuprius (Sol. i. 25; Liv. i. 48). In this street Tullia is said to have murdered her father, and it was afterwards called vicus Sceleratus (Liv. loc. cit.; Dionys. iv. 39; Varro, LL v. 159; de vir. ill. 7. 18; Fest. 332, 333; Ov. Fast. vi. 609). The line of the VICUS CUPRIUS (q.v.) seems fairly certain, approximately that of the Via del Cardello and Via del Colosseo, and therefore the clivus Orbius probably corresponded in part at least with the Via di S. Pietro in Vincoli, where ancient pavement has been found (HJ 258). Pais (Legends 273) locates it farther south, within the area of the domus Aurea, but with less plausibility.

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