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the earliest sanctuary of the curies (Varro, LL v. 155; Fest. 174), and mentioned by Tacitus (Ann. xii. 24) as one point in the Palatine pomerium. It became too small, and the CURIAE NOVAE (q.v.) was built, but seven curies refused to leave the old place of assembly. It was probably at the north-east corner of the Palatine (Not. Reg. X), where the vicus Curiarum (CIL vi. 975) is to be located, opposite the northern end of the Caelian. Since Augustus is said to have been born in curiis veteribus (Serv. Aen. viii. 361), and also ad capita bubula (Suet. Aug. 5), these two must have been close together (Jord. i. 1. 165, 191; HJ 374; Gilb. i. 196-199, 208-213 ; ii. 126-127).

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