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apparently a shrine, known only from a dedicatory inscription made of white stones in a pavement of opus signinum that was found in 1854 under the cloister of S. Giovanni Calibita in the northern part of the island in the Tiber (CIL i. 990=vi. 379; C. Volcaci(us) C. f. har(uspex) de stipe Iovi iurario... onimentom; cf. v. Suppl. ital. 1272; ILS 3037). Iuppiter iurarius seems to be a translation ofΖεῦς πίστιος or ὅρκιος, but whether this was an independent shrine or to be identified with that of some other deity, e.g. SEMO SANCUS (q.v.), is uncertain (HJ 636; Rosch. ii. 678; iv. 319; WR 131 ; Besnier, 255-271).

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