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explained by Varro (LL v. 156) as ' ab lavando quod ibi ad Ianum Geminum aquae caldae fuerunt,' who also states that its waters drained into the Velabrum minus. This statement is amplified by Macrobius (Sat. i. 9. 17), who says that Janus caused a flood of hot water to issue from the porta Ianualis to defend the Romans from the advance of the victorious Sabines; cf. Serv. Aen. viii. 361. For a discussion of its site and the literature of the subject, see IANUS GEMINUS. For the pass of Lautolae near Terracina, see Nissen, Italische Landeskunde, ii. 640; Forma Italiae I. i. I (Anxur-Tarracina), 201.

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