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quarries on the slope of the Capitoline just above the Carcer, which were also used as a prison (Sen. Controv. ix. 27. 21; Liv. xxxvii. 3; xxxix. 44). The name came from that of the quarries (λατομία) at Syracuse which were used for a similar purpose (Varro, LL v. 151; Fest. 117). They were also called carceris lautumiae (Liv. xxxii. 26), and it is possible that some unexcavated chambers next to the CARCER (q.v.) may belong to them. The attempt to locate these lautumiae on the Velia (NS 1902, 96; BC 1902, 31-34; BPW 1903, 1647) must be regarded as abortive (Mitt. 1905, 117).

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