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annually, on 27th March, the sacred black stone of the Magna Mater was brought from her temple on the PALATINE (q.v.) to the brook Almo, the modern Acquataccio, where this crossed the via Appia south of the porta Capena, for the ceremony of lavatio. Although there are numerous references to this ceremony, there is no evidence for the existence of any kind of sacred edifice, and there was probably only a locus sacratus (Cic. de nat. deor. iii. 52; Ov. Fast. iv. 337-340; Mart. iii. 47. 2; Stat. Silv. v. I. 222; Lucan i. 600; Sil. Ital. viii. 363; Ammian. xxiii. 3. 7; Vib. Sequester 2 ;1 Fast. Philoc. ad vi Kal. Apr., CIL i². p. 260, 314; Pol. Silv. Fast. Rust. ib. p. 261 ; ib. vi. 10098 =33961=Carm. epig. 1110 ; Prud. Peristeph. x. 601; HJ 215).

1 p. 146, Riese.

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