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a temple and grove of Mefitis (Rosch. ii. 2519- 2521) on the Esquiline (Fest. 348: Cispium a Laevo Cispio Anagnino, qui ... eam partem Esquiliarum, quae iacet ad vicum Patricium versus, in qua regione est aedes Mefitis, tuitus est; Varro v. 49: (in Esquiliis) lucus Mefitis et Iunonis Lucinae quorum angusti fines). This site was probably just north of the temple of Juno Lucina, towards the VICUS PATRICIUS (q.v.), that is, a little south-west of the present Piazza dell' Esquilino (HJ 333; WR 246). It is probably mentioned in one inscription of the time of Septimius Severus, which speaks of a ' (h)ortulus super nymphis qui locus appellatur Memphi' (sic): see Eranos, 1924, 82-85, and cf. AD NYMPHAS.

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