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an earthwork known only from one obscure passage in Varro (LL v. 48: eidem regioni adtributa Subura quod sub muro terreo Carinarum), in whose time it appears to have been still preserved in part. As the CARINAE (q.v.) was on the western end of the Oppius, and the SUBURA (q.v.) was between the Oppius and Viminal, this work probably ran round the north-west edge of the Oppius and extended as far east as the present church of S. Pietro in Vincoli. It is also probable that the work was on the summit of the hill, or just a little way down on the slope, and that it belonged to the system of fortification of the Oppius at that early period when such earth walls were still in use and the settlements on this and the adjacent hills were independent of each other (Pinza, BC 1898, 93; 1912, 86-87; Mon. L. xv. 783-785, and pl. xxv.; HJ 263). It may also have been incorporated in part in the fortification of the SEPTIMONTIUM (q.v.).

The murus terreus has also been placed between the Oppius and the Capitolium along the brook Spinon (Schneider, Mitt. 1895, 167-178), between the Carinae and the Velia (Pais, Storia di Roma i. I. 631), on the hill itself dividing the Oppius and Carinae (Richter 38; cf. M61. 1908, 274-276), but none of these theories is satisfactory.

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