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the modern Porta S. Pancrazio, a gate in the Aurelian wall on the summit of the Janiculum, through which the VIA AURELIA (q.v.) issued. The original name occurs in DMH and later documents (Eins. 7. i; Mirab. 4), but by the sixth century it was also called Pancratiana and Transtiberina (Procop. BG 18. 35; 23. 12; 28. 19) from the neighbouring church of S. Pancratius (Porta Aurelia, quae modo porta Sancti Pancratii dictum, GMU 88, R. ii. 408). The original structure1 was replaced by Urban VIII in 1644 (Jord. i. I. 375; T ix. 465-466) and this, after being damaged in the siege of 1849, was removed, and the modern gate erected.

1 This is, of course, shown in all the plans and bird's-eye views of the city previous to 1644, but no detailed drawing of it is known.

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