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* a building erected by Maxentius in honour of his deified son Romulus (Cohen, Romulus, 1-12. The coins show considerable variation, but probably all refer to this building; Echkel, viii. 59) and generally identified, until recent years, with the circular brick structure on the east side of the Sacra via between the temple of Antoninus and Faustina and the basilica of Constantine. On the epistyle of the porch a fragmentary inscription, in which the name of Constantine occurred (CIL vi. 1147), which was still visible in the sixteenth century, has led to the supposition that he took possession of the building after the defeat of Maxentius (HJ 10; HC 232-236; HFP 48, 49); for other theories see PAX, TEMPLUM; PENATES, TEMPLUM; URBIS FANUM, and reff.).

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