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certain offices near the Volcanal (Plin. NH xvi. 236) and temple of Concord, which were probably the headquarters of organised corporations of the inhabitants of foreign towns who were residing or doing business in Rome (BC 1899, 242-243; 1900, 124-134; Mitt. 1902, 11; 1905, 9-10; Turzewitsch, Orbis in urbe, Nietschin 1902; cf. BPW 1904, 593-595; OJ 1903, Beibl. 80 sqq.; Thedenat 164, 269). They were perhaps like the TABERNAE (q.v.) of the forum (Suet. Nero 37). Some architectural fragments and inscriptions belonging to the stationes of several cities have been found in this and other parts of the forum (Claudiopolis,1 Klio 1902, 280, Nos. 67, 68; BC 1899, 242; Mitt. locc; citt.; Tarsus, IG xiv. 1164, 1066 a; Sardis, ib. 1008; Noricum, CIL vi. 250; and others; Klio 1902, 238, No. II; IG xiv. 1052; CIL vi. 342=30742 =xiv. 3552 (Tibur); cf. Rosch. v. 936).

1 This was thought to be a hitherto unknown name for Tyre (for which also see IG xiv. 830) ; but it has been rightly referred to Tiberias (OJ cit.: cf. BC 1904, 169).

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