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baths built by Cleander, a favourite of Commodus, in Region I (Not.), probably south or south-east of those built later by Caracalla (Hist. Aug. Commod. 17 ; Chron. 147; Hieron. a. Abr. 2199; Chron. Pasch. i. 226; Herodian. i. 12. 4).1 Whether these thermae were called γυμνάσιον or not, depends on the reading accepted in Herod. 12. 4: γυμνάσιον κατασκευάσας καὶ(A, 10, Mendelssohn's ed. 1883; om. B, V, vulgo) 2λουτρὸν δημόσιον ἀνῆκεν αὐτοῖς. The thermae Commodianae mentioned in Eins. 1. 4, 2. 4, 4. 8, 8. 6 are the THERMAE AGRIPPAE (q.v.); for ib. II. 2, cf. DAP 2. ix. 416). No trace of the real thermae Commodianae has been found (HJ 217; Merlin 329, n. 6).

1 A passage from the Consultatio veteris Iurisconsulti (Huschke, Jurisprudentiae anteiustinian. p. 743), ix. 2, speaks of a law of March 24th, 365, as 'allegata in basilica thermarum Com(modianarum) ': cf. BC 1926, 66.

2 It is also omitted by Stavenhagen (1922).

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