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a street in Rome mentioned in Festus (296, 297, Sobrium vicum Romae dictum putatur .... quod in eo Mercurio lacte non vino subplicabatur). The same street seems to be referred to in two inscriptions (CIL vi. 9483: insul(arius) a Mercurio sobrio; 9714: nummularius a Mercurio sobrio). A shrine was found in 1888 on the Esquiline near the Torre Cantarelli (BC 1888, 221-239; Mitt. 1889, 280) dedicated to Mercurius (CIL vi. 30974), but whether this is Mercurius Sobrius is purely a matter of conjecture (HJ 334; DE ii. 2161). Cf. VICUS MERCURII EBRII.

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