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a street in Region VIII, known only from a fragmentary inscription dedicated to the Lares Augusti (CIL vi. 30960; NS 1882, 235). It has been conjectured that this was the street that led from the temple of Vesta, past the temple of Castor, up to the north-west corner of the Palatine, in the general line of the ramp which still exists (Th6denat 173-174), and this may be referred to in Ovid (Fast. vi. 389: qua nova Romano nunc via iuncta Foro est; cf. Asc. in Scaurian. 23; Gilb. iii. 413-414; Jord. i. 2. 297-298; DR 508, 509). Another theory puts this vicus at the eastern end of the Atrium Vestae (Richter 88).

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