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a statue which probably stood outside the porta Collina, as the inscription recording its dedication was found in the Via Venti Settembre when the Ministero delle Finanze was being built (CIL vi. 3735=3 06 : signu]m Virtuti de ea sum(ma) rest[itutum quam...]ius T(h)eseus Virtuti d(ono) [dederat). This is the only dedication to Virtus that has been found in Rome. The same statue is perhaps referred to by Cass. Dio (xlviii. 43. 4:καὶ ᾿Αρετῆς ἄγαλμα πρὸ πυλῶν τινων ἑστός), and the existence of a statue or statues probably indicates a shrine (HJ 415), in or near the temple of HONOS (q.v.).

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