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a bathing establishment for use in winter which Aurelian planned to build on the right bank of the Tiber, but apparently did not (Hist. Aug. Aur. 45: thermas in Transtiberina regione Aurelianus facere paravit hiemales quod aquae frigidioris copia illic deesset). Cf. Platner in CP 1917, 195, as against HJ 630 (who translates it ' cold baths '), citing id. Gord. 32. 7 for thermae aestivae contrasted with thermae hiemales-the reason being in his opinion that the water was not cold enough to be pleasant for use in summer, and therefore it was thought better to warm it for use in winter. Domaszewski (SHA 1916, 7. A, 5-6; 1918, 13. A, 48) regards the whole story as a mere fabrication.

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