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Book 21 (Φ

1-2 = 14.433-34, 24.692-93, q.v.

[3] διατμ́ηξας, evidently severing into two bodies. Bentley however took it to mean crossing as in Od. 5.409τόδε λαῖτμα διατμήξας ἐπέρησα”.

[4] For Ἀχαιοί most MSS. have “οἱ ἄλλοι”, a reminiscence of the same phrase in 6.41, 21.554. There is no record of the Achaians having passed the ford in the previous battles; indeed the ford itself is named only here and in the passages quoted from “Ξ” and “Ω”, always in the same formal line, and like other topographical points seems to be a mere poetical invention for occasional use. The oldest battle-scenes know nothing of it, often though the fight shifts from the city to the camp.

[6] πεφυζότες, in a sta