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ἁμιλλ-άομαι : fut.
A.-ήσομαιAr.Pax950, Pl.R.349c: aor. “ἡμιλλήθηνE. (v. infr.), Th.6.31; later “ἡμιλλησάμηνPlu.Arat.3, Luc.Par.51, Aristid.1.127, 149 J., etc.: pf. “ἡμίλλημαιE. (v. infr. 11.1):—compete, vie, contend, Ar.l.c., etc.; “πρὸς ἀλλήλουςTh. l.c.: c. dat.pers., Hdt.4.71, E.Andr.127, etc.; “πρός τιναId.HF960: c. dat. rei, contend in or with a thing, “ἁμιλληθεὶς λόγῳId.Supp.195, cf.HF1255; “βίῳHipp.426; ἵπποις, τόξοις, etc., And.4.27, Pl.R.328a, cf. Lg.834a; περί τινος about or for a thing, Luc.Charid.20; “περί τινιPi.N.10.31; ἐπί or πρός τι, Pl.Lg.830e, 968b; “ὑπέρ τινοςPlb.5.86.8: . ὡς . . or ὅπως . . , Pl.R. 349c, X.HG7.2.14: c. acc. cogn., “. στάδιονPl.Lg.833a.
2. in pass. sense, “πόλλ᾽ ἁμιλληθένταmade subjects of contest, E.Fr.812.2.
II. without idea of rivalry, strive, hasten eagerly,ἐπὶ τὸ ἄκρονX.An.3.4.44; πρός τι to obtain a thing, Pl.R.490a, Arist.EN1162b8, al.; “δεῦρ᾽ ἁμιλλᾶται ποδίE.Or.456; “σὲ τὴν ὄρεγμα δεινὸν ἡμιλλημένηνId.Hel.546: metaph., c. acc. cogn., ποῖον ἁμιλλα_θῶ γόον; how shall I groan loud enough? ib.165; “τόνδ᾽ ἁμιλλῶμαι λόγονHec.271.
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