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ἁρπάζω , fut.
A.-άξωIl.22.310, Babr.89.2, “-άσωX.Eq.Mag.4.17, (ἀν-) E.Ion1303; in Att. more commonly “ἁρπάσομαιAr.Pax1118, Ec.866, Av.1460, X.Cyr.7.2.5, (ἀν-) Hdt.9.59; contr. “ἁρπῶμαι, ἁρπᾷLXX Le.19.13, al.: aor. “ἥρπαξαIl.3.444, Pi.N.10.67, IG4.951.11 (Epid.); Trag. and Att. “ἥρπασαE.Or.1634, Th.6.101 (also Il.13.528, 17.62, Hdt.2.156): pf. “ἥρπακαAr.Pl.372, Pl.Grg.481a:—Med., aor. “ἡρπασάμηνLuc.Tim.22, etc. “ὑφ-αρπάσαιοAr.Ec.921):—Pass., pf. “ἥρπασμαιX.An.1.2.27, E.Ph.1079 (ἀν-): 3 plpf. “ἥρπαστοId.El.1041; later “ἥρπαγμαιPaus.3.18.7, inf. “-άχθαιStr.13.1.11: aor. 1 ἡρπάσθην Hdt.1.1 and 4, etc., “-χθηνId.2.90 (v.l.), 8.115, D.S.17.74; later, aor. 2 ἡρπάγην [α^] Lyc.505, etc.: fut. “ἁρπα^γήσομαι1 Ep.Thess.4.17, J.BJ5.10.3; part. ἁρπάμενος (as if from ἅρπημι) AP11.59 (Maced.), Nonn.D.1.340, al., (ὑφ-) AP9.619 (Agath.):—snatch away, carry off,ὅτε σε πρῶτον Λακεδαίμονος ἐξ ἐρατεινῆς ἔπλεον ἁρπάξαςIl.3.444; ὡς δ᾽ ὅτε τίς τε λέων . . ἀγέλης βοῦν ἁρπάσῃ ib.17.62; “τοὺς δ᾽ αἶψ᾽ ἁρπάξασα φέρεν πόντονδε θύελλαOd.10.48, cf. 5.416; “κλέψαι τε χἁρπάσαι βίᾳS.Ph.644; “. τοῦ βασιλέος τὴν θυγατέραHdt.1.2; “. [χρυσὸν] ὑπὲκ τῶν γρυπῶνId.3.116; “. καὶ φέρεινLys.20.17: abs., to be a robber, ὁτιὴ π<*>ιώρκεις ἡρπακώς Ar.Eq.428, cf. Pl.372; ἁρπάζειν βλέπει looks thievish, Men.Epit.181:—Pass. (or Med.), ἐκ χερῶν ἁρπάζομαι I have her torn from my arms, E.Andr.661.
2. seize hastily, snatch up,λᾶανIl.12.445; “δόρυA.Th.624; “τὰ ὅπλαX.An.6.1.8; . τινὰ μέσον seize him by the waist, Hdt.9.107; λίθος ἥτις τὸν σίδηρον ἁρπάζει, of the magnet, Hp.Steril.243: c. gen. of the part seized, “. τινὰ τένοντος ποδόςE.Cyc.400: c. gen. partit., “. τούτων ἐνέτραγονTimocl.16.7: abs., “ἀπογεύονται ἁρπάζοντεςgreedily, Pl.R.354b:—Med. in Luc. Sacr.3.
3. seize, overpower, overmaster,γλῶσσαν . φόβοςA.Th. 259; seize, occupy a post, X.An.4.6.11; ἁρπάσαι πεῖραν seize an opportunity of attacking, S.Aj.2; “. τὸν καιρόνPlu.Phil.15; snap up,ὥσπερ εὕρημαHerod.6.30.
4. seize, adopt a legend, of an author, Hdt.2.156.
5. grasp with the senses,ὀσμαὶ -όμεναι ταῖς ὀσφρήσεσινPlu.2.647e.
6. captivate, ravish, LXXJu.16.9, Plu. Ant.28.
7. draw up by means of a vacuum, Simp. in Ph.647.28.
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