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ἀρχή , , (v. ἄρχω)
b. with Preps. in adverbial usages, ἐξ ἀρχῆς from the beginning, from the first, from of old, Od.1.188, Xenoph.10, etc.; “οὑξ . φίλοςS.OT385; “ ἐξ . ἔχθραD.54.3; “τὸ ἐξ .X.Cyn.12.6; but “πλουτεῖν ἐξ . πάλινanew, afresh, Ar.Pl.221; “λόγον πάλιν ὥσπερ ἐξ . κινεῖνPl.R.450a; ἐξ . λόγος the original argument, Id.Tht.177c, etc.; τὰ ἐξ . the principal sum, Arist.Pol.1280a30:—also “ἀπ᾽ .Hes.Th.425, Hdt.2.104, Pi.P.8.25, A.Supp.344, Pl.Tht.206d; κατ᾽ ἀρχάς in the beginning, at first, Hdt.3.153, 7.5; “αὐτίκα κατ᾽ .Id.8.94; “τὸ κατ᾽ .Pl. Lg.798a, al.
2. first principle, element, first so used by Anaximander, acc. to Simp. in Ph.150.23, cf. Arist. Metaph.983b11, etc.; “Ἡράκλειτος τὴν . εἶναί φησι ψυχήν An.405a25; of ὕλη and θεός, opp. στοιχεῖα, Placit.1.3.25; practical principle of conduct, “τῶν πράξεων τὰς ἀρχὰς καὶ τὰς ὑποθέσειςD. 2.10; principles of knowledge, Arist.Metaph.995b8, al.
3. end, corner, of a bandage, rope, sheet, etc., Hdt.4.60, Hp.Off.9, E.Hipp. 762, Aen.Tact.18.14, Act.Ap.10.11; of a compound pulley, Hero Bel.84.14.
4. Math., origin of a curve, “τῆς ἕλικοςArchim.Spir. 11 Def.2, etc.; “ξυνὸν . καὶ πέρας ἐπὶ κύκλου περιφερείαςHeraclit. 103.
5. branch of a river, LXX Ge.2.10 (pl.).
6. sum, total, ib.Nu.1.2.
7. vital organs of the body, Gal.1.318, al.
2. empire, realm, Κύρου, Περδίκκου ., Hdt.1.91, Th.4.128, etc.
4. in pl., “αἱ ἀρχαίthe authorities, the magistrates, Th.5.47, cf. Decr. ap. And.1.83; ἐν ταῖς . ε<*>ναι Th.6.54; ἀρχή collectively, 'the board', D.47.22, cf. IG1.229, etc.; “παραδιδόναι τινὰ τῇ .Antipho5.48; but ., of a single magistrate, PHal.1.226 (iii B.C.); κατ᾽ ἀρχῆς γὰρ φιλαίτιος λεώς against authority, A.Supp.485; “πομποὺς ἀρχάςId.Ag.124 (anap.).
5. command, i.e. body of troops, LXX 1 Ki.13.17, al.
6. pl., heavenly powers, Ep.Rom.8.38, al., cf. Dam. Pr.96; powers of evil, Ep.Eph.6.12, al.
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