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ἀλλότριος , Aeol. ἀλλότερρος EM529.24, α, ον, (ἄλλος)
A.of or belonging to another, βίοτος, νηῦς, ἄχεα, Od.1.160, 9.535, Il.20.298; γυνή another man's wife, A.Ag.448 (lyr.); ἀλλοτρίων χαρίσασθαι to be bountiful of what is another's, Od.17.452; γναθμοῖσι γελοίων ἀλλοτρίοισιν with faces unlike their own, of a forced, unnatural laugh, ib.20.347; . ὄμμασιν εἷρπον by the help of another's eyes, S.OC 146(lyr.); οὐκ . ἄτην not inflicted by other hands, Id.Ant.1259; but . φόνος murder of a stranger (cf. 11.1), Pl.Euthphr.4b: prov., . ἀμᾶν θέρος reap where one has not sown, Ar.Eq.392, cf. Hes.Th.599; ἀλλοτριωτάτοις τοῖς σώμασιν χρῆσθαι deal with one's body as if it belonged to another, Th.1.70; τὰ ἀλλότρια, contr. τἀλλότρια, what belongs to others, not one's own, τἀ. ἀποστερεῖν, δειπνεῖν, X.Ages.4.1, Theopomp. Com.34.
II. opp. οἰκεῖος, foreign, strange,
b. hostile, unfavourably disposed, c. gen., “. ῬωμαίωνPlb.28.4.4; “-ώτατος μοναρχίαςD.S.16.65; “ἀλλότρια φρονῶν τοῦ βασιλέωςPlb.36.15.7, cf. OGI90.19 (Rosetta).
2. of things, alien, strange,τροφήPl.R.491d (Comp.), etc.; εἴ τι πρότερον γέγονεν . estrangement, Decr. ap. D.18.185; “ .alien country, enemy's country, Lys.2.6, Isoc.10.50, cf. Hdt.8.73: c. gen., alien from,ἐπιτηδεύματα δημοκρατίας .Lys.31.34; οὐδὲν . ποιῶν τοῦ τρόπου Decr. ap. D.18.182.
b. Medic., abnormal, Sor.2.5, Gal.14.780; . σάρκες superfluous fat, Pl.R.556d.
c. foreign to the purpose,λόγοιArist.EE1218b23: Comp., Id.EN1159b24: Sup., Id.Cat.15b29, cf. Polystr.p.17 W.
d. Astrol., = ἀπόστροφος, POxy. 464.16.
III. Adv. ἀλλοτρίως, διακεῖσθαι πρὸς ἀλλήλας to be unfavourably disposed towards . . , Lys.33.1, cf.Isoc.12.159; . ἔχειν πρός . . Id.5.80: Comp. “-ιώτερονless favourably, D.18.9.
2. strangely, marvellously, Epigr.Gr.989.2.
3. in a manner foreign to, c. gen., Pers.Stoic.1.1co. [-ο_τρ- only in Men.557 s. v. l.]
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