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φώσφορ-ος (parox.), ον, poet. φαοσφόρος Lyr.Adesp. in PLit.Lond.51.5, φαεσφόρος Call.Dian.204, etc.:—
A.bringing or giving light,ἝωςE.Ion1157; φ. ἀστήρ, of Dionysus at the mysteries, Ar.Ra.342 (lyr.); “φ. πεῦκαιId.Fr.599; αἴγλη, Ἦμαρ, Orph.A.1246, “Εὐχή24.
b. Subst., φ. (sc. ἀστήρ), the light-bringer, i.e. the morning-star, a name specially given to the planet Venus, Ti.Locr.96e,97a, Arist.Mu.392a27, 399a8, Cic.ND2.20.53, Ph.1.504, cf. Alex.Eph. ap. Theo Sm. p.138H.
2. of the eye, “φ. ὄμματαPl. Ti.45b; φ. κόραι, of the Cyclops, E.Cyc.611 (lyr.).
b. name of an eye-salve, Gal.12.747.
II. torch-bearing, epith. of certain deities, esp. of Hecate, E.Hel.569, Ar.Th.858, Fr.594a; φ. θεά (sc. Ἄρτεμις) E.IT21, cf. Call.l.c.; “νὴ τὴν ΦωσφόρονAr.Lys.443, Antiph. 58.6; of Hephaestus, Orph.H.66.3: pl., “ἱερεὺς ΦωσφόρωνHesperia 4.49 (Athens, ii A. D.).
III. φωσφόρος, , torch-bearer, title of a priestess, “Κλεοπάτρας θεᾶςPRein.10.8, etc. (ii B. C.).
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