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ἥλιος , , Ep. ἠέλιος , as always in Hom. (exc. in the late passage Od.8.271) and Hes., cf. Hp.Alim.42: Dor. ἀέλιος [α_] Pi.P.4.144, Call. Cer.92, Lav.Pall.89, and lyr. in Trag., S.Ant.809, E.Ph.175, al., but ἅλιος [α_], S.Tr.96, E.Alc.395 (α^έλιος S.Tr.835): Cret. ἀβέλιος (i.e. ϝ-), Hsch.: Aeol. ἀέλιος Sapph.79(= Oxy.1787Fr.1.25), Supp.25.7; ἄλιος Sapph.69 (s.v.l.): Arc. ἀέλιος (or ἁ- ) IG5(2).4.12 (Tegea, iv B.C.):—
3. day, S.El. 424; a day, Pi.O.13.37, Hp.Alim.42, E.Hel.652(pl.), Ps.-Luc.Philopatr. 4,26, etc.; later, year, Herod.10.1.
4. sunshine, sun's heat, “ἐπὶ τοῖς ὄρεσινPl.Phd.116e; “. πολύςLuc.Nav.35, cf.Herm.25; πολὺντὸν . ἐμφαίνειν, of a sunburnt person, Id.Ind.3, cf. Rh.Pr.9: pl., sunbeams, Thphr.Sign.22, Ael.NA16.17; hot sunny days, Th.7.87.
5. metaph., sunshine, brightness, “ψυχῆςPlu.2.994e, cf. Artem.2.36, etc.; of a person, “Ἑλλάνων δόξης δεύτερον ἈέλιονIG14.1188; of Ptol. VI, UPZ15.33; νέος ., of Nero and Caligula, SIG814.34, 798.3.
II. as pr. n., Helios, the sun-god, Od.8.271, etc.; νὴ τὸν . Men.Sam. 108; ὑπὸ Δία Γῆν Ἥλιον, in manumission-formula, POxy.48.6, 49.8 (i A.D.), IG9(1).412(Aetolia), IPE2.54.10(iii A.D.); [“Ἥλιος] δούλους ἐλευθέρους ποιεῖArtem.2.36; identified with Apollo, Carm.Pop.12, E.Fr.781.11; with Dionysus, D.Chr.31.11, etc.
2. Ἡλίου ἀστήρ, of the planet Saturn, v.l. in Pl.Epin.987c, cf. D.S.2.30, Theo Sm. p.130H. (I.-E. sāwelios, cf. Cret. ἀβέλιος, Lith. sáulė, Lat. sōl.
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