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κα^θαίρω , fut.
A.κα^θα^ρῶX.Oec.18.6, prob. in Pl.Lg.735b, etc.: aor. 1 “ἐκάθηραOd.20.152, Th.3.104, Hp.Mul.1.47, IG22.1672.47 (ἀνα-), Theoc.5.119, etc.; ἐκάθα_ρα is found in codd. of Antipho6.37, X.An. 5.7.35, Hp.Acut.Sp.11, and commonly in later Gr., Thphr.Char. 16.7, BCH6.23 (Delos, ii B.C.), (ἀνα-) PPetr.3p.141 (iii B.C.), (συνανα-) IG11(2).163A56 (Delos, iii B.C.), cf. διακαθαίρω, ἐκκαθαίρω, etc., and Phryn.16; v. infr. Med.: pf. κεκάθαρκα ἐκ-) Sch.Ar.Pax752:— Med., fut. “καθαροῦμαιPl.Cra.396e, Hp.Morb.2.38 (in pass. sense, ib. 2.13, Nat.Mul.13, Mul.2.160): aor. “ἐκαθηράμηνA.Fr.354, Hp.Epid. 5.43, Pl.Lg.868a, IG11(2).146A78 (Delos, iv B.C.), 153.9, 154A37 (ibid., iii B.C.); later ἐκαθα_ράμην ib.146A80 (iv B.C.), Inscr.Délos290.79, al. (iii B.C.), etc., (ἀνα-) IG22.1668.8(iv B.C.): Pass., fut. “καθαρθήσομαιRuf. ap. Orib.7.26.64, Gal.7.222: aor. “ἐκαθάρθηνHdt.1.43, Th. 3.104, Hp.Epid.5.2, etc. (aor. 2 ἀποκαθαρῇ is f.l. in Arr.Cyn.27.1): pf. “κεκάθαρμαιHp.Nat.Mul.8, Pl.Phd.69c, etc.: (καθαρός):
I. cleanse, of things, “καθήρατε δὲ κρητῆραςOd.20.152; “τραπέζας ὕδατ ι . . καθαίρειν22.439; “καθήραντες χρόα καλὸν ὕδατι24.44; “κ. οἰκίανAntipho l.c., Thphr. l.c.; of wounds, Hp. Ulc.6, al. (cf. “καθαιρέω11.6): c. gen., “ἵππον αὐχμηρᾶς τριχόςS.Fr.475; “κ. σῖτονX.Oec.18.6; γῆν clear of weeds, ib.20.11, cf. PLille5.24 (iii B.C.), etc.; χρυσόν purify, refine, Pl.Plt.303d: metaph., purge, clear a land of monsters and robbers, S.Tr.1012 (hex.), 1061, Plu.Thes.7; “κ.λῃστηρίων τὴν ἐπαρχίανId.Mar.6: c.acc. cogn., “καθαρμὸν κ.Pl.Lg.735b:—Pass., “τὴν νηδὺν ἀνασχισθεῖσαν καὶ καθαρθεῖσανHdt.4.71.
2. in religious sense, purify, [δέπας] ἐκάθηρε θεείῳ by fumigating with sulphur, Il.16.228; κ. τινὰ φόνου purify him from blood, Hdt.1.44, cf. Berl.Sitzb.1927.160(Cyrene); Δῆλον κ. Hdt.1.64, cf. Th.1.8; στόλον κ., Lat. classem lustrare, App.BC5.96: abs., IG5(1).1390.68 (Andania, i B.C.):— Med., purify oneself, get purified, Hdt.4.73; “οἱ φιλοσοφίᾳ καθηράμενοιPl.Phd.114c, cf. Phdr.243a, Cra.396e; “καθαίρεσθαι καθαρμούςId.Lg. 868e; καθήρασθαι στόμα keep one's tongue pure, A.Fr.354:—Pass., “κεκαθαρμένος καὶ τετελεσμένοςPl.Phd.69c.
3. Medic., purge, evacuate, either by purgatives or emetics, “κ. κάτω ἄνωHp.Mul.1.64 (Pass.), cf. Thphr.HP9.11.11, etc.:—Med., “κατὰ κύστιν ἐκαθήρατοHp.Epid. 1.15:—Pass., ib.5.2, etc.; also of menstruation, Id.Superf.33; of the after-birth, τὰ λοχεῖα κ. Id.Mul.1.78; καθαίρων, , name for ἶρις, Ps.-Dsc.1.1.
4. prune a tree,i.e.clear it of superfluous wood, Ev.Jo. 15.2.
5. sift, winnow grain, PTeb.373.10(ii A.D.).
6. metaph., = μαστιγόω, Theoc.5.119.
II. of the thing removed by purification, purge away, wash off, “λύματα πάντα κάθηρενIl.14.171; “ἐπεὶ πλῦνάν τε κάθηράν τε ῥύπα πάνταOd.6.93; clear away, “τὰ λῃστικάD.C.37.52: metaph., φόνον κ. A.Ch.74 (lyr.); also perh., clear up, explain an action, “τὴν σύστασινEpicur.Nat.66G., cf. 73G.
III. c. dupl. acc., αἷμα κάθηρον . . Σαρπηδόνα cleanse him of blood, wash the blood off him, Il.16.667:—Pass., καθαίρομαι γῆρας I am purged of old age, A. Fr.45; “ καθαρθεὶς τὸν φόνονHdt.1.43.
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