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πλευρ-ά , ᾶς, ,
A.= πλευρόν, rib, rare in sg., “βοὸς π.Hdt.4.64; “παρὰ τὴν π. ἑκάστηνArist.HA513b29: pl., ribs, Id.PA654b35.
2. pl., generally, side of a man or animal, “ἄλλοτ᾽ ἐπὶ πλευρὰς κατακείμενος, ἄλλοτε δ᾽ αὖτε ὕπτιοςIl.24.10; of both sides,ἀνὰ πλευράς τε καὶ ὤμους23.716; “οὐρῇ δὲ πλευράς τε καὶ ἰσχία ἀμφοτέρωθεν μαστίεται20.170, cf. Hes.Sc.430, A.Pr.71, Eu.843 (lyr.): sg., also, of one side, S.OC1260, Aj.834, etc.; a side of beef, etc., PCair.Zen.381.5 (iii B.C., written πλερά): the pl. form is v.l. in E.Hec.826.
II. side, of things and places, “νηὸς πλευραίThgn.513; “χωρίουPl.Sis.388e; [Πακτωλοῦ] D.P. 833; of an army, “αἱ π. τοῦ πλαισίουX.An.3.4.22, cf. 28, Plu.Mar. 25, etc.; “παρὰ π. τινὶ εἶναιPlb.5.26.6; παρὰ π., opp. κατὰ κεφαλήν, IG22.463.72
III. Math., side of a triangle or other figure, Antipho Soph.13, Pl.Ti.53d, 54c, etc.: esp.
b. side of a rectangle, ib.36c: hence, one factor of any product, Id.Tht.148a, Arist. Metaph.1051a26, Euc.7 Def.17, etc.
c. side of a square of cube, and root of a square of cubic number, Id.8.11, 12, Theol.Ar.11; κυβικὴ π. cube root, Ph.Bel.52.4.
d. generator of a cone or cylinder, Archim.Sph.Cyl.1.8, 12.
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