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ῥίζ-α , ης, : Ion. nom.
A.ῥίζηHp. ap. Erot., acc. “ῥίζηνMarc.Sid.89 (before a vowel), but “ῥίζανIl.11.846 (whence Ion. nom. ῥίζα may be inferred):—root, Od.10.304, 23.196, etc.; used as a medicine, Il.11.846; . ἐλατήριος, of a purgative medicine, Hp.Epid.5.34: mostly in pl., roots, Il.12.134, Od.12.435, etc.; “δένδρεα μακρὰ αὐτῇσιν ῥίζησιIl.9.542: hence
2. metaph., roots of the eye, Od.9.390 (but ῥίζας ἐν ὄσσοις αἱματῶπας in E.HF933 prob. bloodshot streaks); the roots or foundations of the earth, Hes.Op.19; “χθόνα . . αὐταῖς . πνεῦμα κραδαίνοιA.Pr.1047 (anap.); ἰπούμενος ῥίζαισιν Αἰτναίαις ὕπο ib.367; of feathers, hair, etc., Pl.Phdr.251b, Arist.HA518b14; of the teeth, Id.GA789a13; “γαστρὸς . ὀμφαλόςId.HA493a18, etc.
II. that from which anything springs as from a root, ῥίζαν ἀπείρου τρίταν a third continental foundation, of Libya, Pi.P.9.8; ἀστέων ., of Cyrene, as the root or original of the Cyrenaic Pentapolis, ib.4.15; root or stock from which a family springs, “. σπέρματοςId.O.2.46, cf. I.8(7).61, A.Ag.966, S.Aj.1178, etc.; so, race, family, A.Th.755 (lyr.), E.IT610, OGI383.31 (Nemrud Dagh, i B.C.), etc.; “συκοφάντου . . σπέρμα καὶ .D.25.48; sect, party, Jul. Gal.106e; also “. κακῶνE.Fr.912.11 (anap.); “ἀρχὴ καὶ . παντὸς ἀγαθοῦEpicur.Fr.409, cf. 1 Ep.Ti.6.10; “πηγὴ καὶ . καλοκἀγαθίαςPlu. 2.4c; “ἀρχαὶ καὶ . γῆς καὶ θαλάττηςArist.Mete.353b1, etc.; cf. “ῥίζωμα11.
2. base, foundation, . πάντων καὶ βάσις γᾶ ἐρήρεισται Ti. Locr.97e, cf. Pl.Ti.81c; base of a vertical pillar, Procl.Hyp.3.23; “τῶν λόφωνOnos.10.6.
3. Math., root or base of a series, Anatolius ap.Theol.Ar.9. (Aeol. βρίζα (q.v.): cf. Goth. waúrts, Lat. radix.
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