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σωτήρ , ῆρος, , voc. σῶτερ (v. infr. 1.2): poet. σα^ωτήρ Simon. 129, Call.Del.166: (σῴζω):—
A.saviour, deliverer, c. gen. of person etc. saved, ς. ἀνθρώπων, νηῶν, h.Hom.22.5, 33.6; “τῆς ἙλλάδοςHdt. 7.139; “ἑστίας πατρόςA.Ch.264; but also c. gen. rei, [νόσου], κακῶν, βλάβης, a preserver from disease, ills, hurt, S.OT304, E. Med.360 (anap.), Heracl.640; c. dat., “ς. τῇ πόλει καὶ νῷν φανείςAr.Eq.149; ς. δόμοις. Id.Nu.1161; of a philosopher or guide, “ὁδηγόν . . ὅν φησι σωτῆρα μόνονPhld.Lib.p.20 O.; esp. of Epicurus, “ ς. ἡμέτεροςPolystr.Herc.346p.80V.
2. epith. of Ζεύς, Pi.O. 5.17, Fr.30.5, IG22.410.18 (iv B.C.), etc.; to whom persons after a safe voyage offered sacrifice, Diph.43.24; there was often a temple of Ζεὺς Σ. at harbours, e.g. the Piraeus, Str.9.1.15; to Ζεὺς Σωτήρ the third cup of wine was dedicated, “τρίτον Σωτῆρι σπένδεινPi.I.6(5).8; “τρίτην Διὸς Σωτῆρος εὐκταίαν λίβαA.Fr.55; “Ζεῦ σῶτερAr.Th. 1009, Din.1.36; “ Ζεῦ σῶτερPhilem.79.21, Men.532.2; to drink this cup became a symbol of good luck, and the third time came to mean the lucky time, τρίτος ἦλθέ ποθεν--σωτῆρ᾽ μόρον εἴπω; A.Ch. 1073 (anap.); whence the proverb τὸ τρίτον τῷ σωτῆρι the third (i.e. the lucky) time, Pl.R.583b, Phlb.66d, Chrm.167a; and Zeus was himself called “τρίτος ς., Παλλάδος καὶ Λοξίου ἕκατι καὶ τοῦ πάντα κραίν οντος τρίτου σωτῆροςA.Eu.760, cf. Supp.26 (anap.).
b. epith. of other gods, as of Apollo, Id.Ag.512, etc.; of Hermes, Id.Ch.2; of Asclepios, IG4.718 (Hermione), 7.2808 (Hyettus, iii A.D.), BMus. Cat.Coins Pontus p.156 (Nicaea); “ς. εὐρυχόρου ΛακεδαίμονοςIsyll. 82; “τὸν ς. τῶν ὅλων ἈσκληπιόνJul.Or.4.153b; “Ζεὺς Ἀσκληπιὸς ς. τῶν ὅλωνAristid.Or.42(6).4; of the Dioscuri, IG12(3).422 (Thera, iii B.C.), 14.2406.108 (Tarentum), etc.; even with fem. deities, Τύχη σωτήρ, for σώτειρα, A.Ag.664, S.OT81: generally, of guardian or tutelary gods, Hdt.8.138, A.Supp.982, S.Ph.738; “τοῖς ἀποτροπαίοις καὶ σωτῆρσιX.HG3.3.4.
3. applied to rulers, διὰ σέ, βασιλεῦ (viz. Ptolemy IV Philopator), τὸν πάντων κοινὸν ς. PEnteux. 11.6 (iii B.C.); Πτολεμαῖος Σ. OGI19.1, al.; Ἀντίοχος Σ. ib.233.3, al.; of Roman Emperors or governors, ib.668.3 (Egypt, i A.D.), PLond.1.177.24 (i A.D.), etc.
4. in LXX and NT, applied to God, LXX De.32.15, al., 1 Ep.Ti.1.1, al.; to Christ, Ev.Luc.2.11, al.
II. in Poets, as Adj., “ς. ναὸς πρότονοςA.Ag.897, cf. Pi.Fr. 159; with a fem. noun, γονῆς σωτῆρος (as Herm. for γυνή) A. Th. 225; τιμαὶ σωτῆρες the office or prerogative of saving, of the Dioscuri, E.El.993 (anap.).
III. name of a month created by Caligula, BGU1078 (38 A.D.), PRyl.2.149 (39/40 A.D.), etc.
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