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and , an exclamation, expressing surprise, joy, or pain,
A.O! oh! with nom., “ τάλας ἐγώS.Aj.981, etc.; “ ἔβενος, χρυσόςTheoc.15.123: also c. gen., “ τῆς ἀναισχυντίαςLuc.Pisc.5; with interrog., “, τί λέγεις;Pl.Prt.309d; in the middle of a sentence, E.Hipp.362 (lyr.), al.
II. with voc., a mode of address, whether at the beginning of a sentence or in a parenthesis, “ ἈχιλεῦIl.1.74, etc., esp. in dialogue and Oratt., ἐβουλόμην, ἄνδρες, τὴν δύναμιν κτλ. Antipho.5.1; in invocations of the gods, “ Ζεῦ τε καὶ Γῆ καὶ πολισσοῦχοι θεοίA.Th.69, etc.; with imper., “ χαῖρεId.Ag.22, S.Aj. 91; πρὸς θεῶν ὕπεικε ib.371, cf. D.21.98: sts. following the Verb, E.Tr.335 (lyr.); in different number from the voc., “προσέλθετ᾽, παῖ, πατρίS.OC1104, cf. 1112, Sch.Ar.Pl.66.
3. with both together, “φίλος ΜενέλαεIl.4.189; “ τλάμων πάτερS.Aj.641 (lyr., τλᾶμον codd. rec., edd.).
4. with the latter of two nouns, “Ἀγάμεμνον, ΜενέλαεId.Ph.794.—In the first sense usu. written , in the second : “[τὸ ὢ] ἡνίκα θαυμαστικὸν λαμβάνεται βαρύνεται, καὶ χωρει^ εἰς ἐπιρρηματικὴν σύνταξιν, οἷον ἩρακλῆςEM79.13: Thom.Mag. p.408R. prescribes with the gen., but with the voc., e.g. Ἡράκλεις, where the whole expression, and not merely the ,) expresses surprise (but A.D.Adv.127.24 seems to imply in both senses); as an exclam. is found in forms like μοι, μοι ἐγώ, πρὸς τῶν θεῶν D. l. c.: but πόποι δυσὶ τόνοις χρῆται Hdn.Gr.1.503, so that πόποι is improbable, cf. Theognost.Can.158 (as emended by Lehrs Aristarch.3p.119); ᾤμοι and ὤμοι are both recognized by EM822.33, cf. Lex.Mess.p.413; “ωιμ᾽Sapph.Supp.23.4; in E., when it stands in the middle of a sentence, it shd. be written , Hipp.362, al.: sts. doubled, “ κακάA.Ag.1214; “ἰὼ S.OC 224 (v.l. ); written ώ in Pap. of S.Ichn.61; tripled, “ A.Pers.985 (lyr., prob.). To those who (like D.T.640.11, cf. Sch. D.T.p.257H.) took for the voc. of the Art. , A.D.Synt.45.22-53 replies at length.
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