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ὥσπερ , or ὥς περ, Adv. of Manner, as, even as,ζῆν . ἤδη ζῇςS.Ph.1396; “ἐσῴζετ᾽ ἂν . . , . οὐχὶ σῴζεταιId.El.994; but the Verb is more often left to be supplied, “οὔ τι κατακρύπτουσιν . . , . ΚύκλωπεςOd.7.206, cf. 2.333, Il.4.263, 14.50; ἔξεστί θ᾽, . Ἡγέλοχος, ἡμῖν λέγειν . . Ar.Ra.303; “τεταγμένοι . ἔμελλονTh.4.93; “τοῖς ἠτυχηκόσιν . ἐγώD.45.1; Hom. freq. puts a word between ὡς and περ, e.g. “ὡς σύ περ αὐτή, ὡς τὸ πάρος περ, ὡς ἔσεταί περOd.19.385, Il.5.806, 1.211; as for instance,ὅταν χορὸς . . γίγνηται, . <> εἰς Η῀λον πεμπόμενοςX.Mem.3.3.12; ὥσπερ differs from ὡς in Hom., in that it seldom has an antecedent expressed, as in Il.24.487, τηλίκου . ἐγών; also in Hes.Th.402, ὣς δ᾽ αὔτως . . , . ὑπέστη; but in Trag. and Att. . is very freq. after demonstr. words; before οὕτως, Meliss.3, Ar.Av.188; after it, S.Tr.475, etc.; . καὶ . . , οὕτω καὶ . . X.Cyr.7.5.75, cf. Pl.R.354b; . . , ὧδε . . S.OT276; “τοιοῦτος .Pl.Prt.327d; αὐτοῦ . εἶχον just as they were, then and there, Hdt. 2.121.δ́, cf. S.Ant.1235; “εὐθὺς . εἶχενX.An.4.1.19; “εὐθὺς . ἔτυχεId.HG3.1.19; “τὰν τράπεζαν κάτθετε . ἔχειSophr. in PSI11.1214a2; καὶ τὸν δαελὸν σβῆτε . ἔχει on the spot, ib.14: c. gen., “. ἔχει δόξηςPl.R.612d: strengthd., “. γεjust exactly as, Ar.Nu.673; . καί even as,ὡς καὶ ἐγώ περIl.6.477; “. καὶ ἄλλο τιTh.1.142, etc.: . also follows ἴσος, in Od.20.282, μοῖραν . . ἴσην, ὡς αὐτοί περ ἐλάγχανον, cf. S.El.533; so after αὐτός, Pl.Phd.86a, D.9.33; after “ὅμοιος, ὅμοιος ἀτμὸς . ἐκ τάφου πρέπειA.Ag.1311, cf. Th.4.34.
2. ὥσπερ ἄν c. subj., v. infr.111; c. opt., “ὥσπερ ἄν τις . . λέγοιPl.Phd. 87b, cf. X.HG3.1.14; cf. “ὡσπερεί11.
III. rarely of Time,
1. ὥσπερ ἄν = ἕως ἄν, so long as, or however long (cf. ὡς Ad. 2), “ὥσπερ ἂν ζῶS.OC1361 (sed leg. ἕωσπερ).
2. as soon as, Ar.Pax24.
IV. after a Comp. (cf. ὡς Ab. 1.4); “οὐ μείους . χίλιοιXenoph.3.4; “ἧττον . . .X.HG2.3.16.—Cf. ὡσπερεί, ὥσπερ οὖν.
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