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ὠφελ-έω , fut.
A.-ήσωAr.Av.358, etc.: aor. “ὠφέλησαHdt.3.127, etc.: pf. “-ηκαHp. Acut.44, Pl.Grg.511e, etc.: plpf. “ὠφελήκηId.Ap.31d:—Pass., fut. “ὠφεληθήσομαιAnd.2.22, Is.10.16, Hp.Int.35, X.Cyr.3.2.20; more freq. fut. Med. in pass. sense, “ὠφελήσομαιTh.6.18, 7.67, Pl.R. 343c, X.Mem.1.6.14, v.l. in Lys.19.61: aor. “ὠφελήθηνTh.2.39, 5.90, etc.: pf. “ὠφέλημαιA.Pr.222, Pl.Grg.512a, etc.: plpf. “ὠφέλητοTh.6.60: (ὄφελος):—help, aid, succour, first in Hdt. (v. infr.); opp. βλάπτω, Th.6.14, Pl.Phd.107d; opp. ζημιόω, Isoc.6.5.—Construction:
2. c. acc. pers., to be of service to, benefit, Hdt.2.95, A.Pr.507; “τὰς ψυχὰς . διδάσκοντεςX.Cyr.2.3.23; . τινα ἔς τι to be of use to one towards a thing, Th. 4.75; τί δέ μ᾽ ὠφελήσουσ᾽ οἱ ῥυθμοὶ πρὸς τἄλφιτα; how will rhythms help me to earn my bread? Ar.Nu.648: abs., “ἐπὶ τοῖς δεινοῖσινE.Fr. 84; “διὰ τῶν ὤτωνPlu.2.38c, cf. 145b: c. part., “αὐτοὺς ὠφελεῖ προσκείμενονE.Hipp.970.
b. esp. of a general, enrich his soldiers by booty, Plu.Aem.29; “τοὺς στρατιώτας ὠφεληκὼς ἀπὸ τῶν στρατειῶνId.Caes.12; cf. “ὠφέλεια11.3.
3. in Poets also (v. Thom.Mag.p.408R.) c. dat. pers., A.Pr.342, Pers.842, S.Ant.560, E.Or.666, 681, Heracl.681, Ar.Av.421 (lyr.); also in Antipho 6.38, and v.l. in Th. 5.23; the compds. προσωφελέω, ἐπωφελέω, συνωφελέω also take both constructions.
II. Pass., receive help or succour, derive profit or advantage, πρός τινος from a person or thing, Hdt.2.68; “ἔκ τινοςA.Pr.222, Antipho 3.2.3; “ἀπό τινοςTh.3.64, X.Oec.1.15, cf. Gorg.Pal.10; ὑπό or παρά τινος, Pl.Grg.512a, Amat.132d; . τοῦ νόμου to derive benefit from . . , Antipho 5.17(dub. l.); τινι by a thing, Th.3.67; διά τι ib.13; παρ᾽ ἐμοῦ ὠφελεῖσθαι to make something out of me, Antipho 2.2.13; “ἐκ τῶν ὑμετέρωνhelp the mselves, Lys.27.7: esp. of troops, acquire booty,πολλὰ παρὰ τὴν στρατείαν .Plu.Cat.Ma.10; “. δι᾽ ἁρπαγῆςId.Marc. 19; ὠφελεῖσθαι πρός τι acquire advantage towards a thing, X.Cyn. 5.27: c. part., ὠφελεῖσθαι ἰδών to be profited by the sight of a thing, Th.2.39: c. adj. neut., “οὐδὲν ὠφελουμένηS.Ant.550: “πολλὰ ὠφελεῖσθαι οὐδὲν πονοῦντεςX.Cyr.3.2.20.
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